Home of the $1,234 bankruptcy

Your legal fee for a simple Chapter 7 case will be $1,234. In addition to this fee, you are responsible for expenses that typically amount to $366. You may also incur additional fees if your case has complications. I do not promise flat fees for cases under other chapters of the Bankruptcy Code. I will give you a written contract that specifies the services I will perform and the cost of those services before you will be obligated to pay anything.

I concentrate on bankruptcy

I concentrate my practice on personal bankruptcy and other issues affecting individual consumers. Bankruptcy law changes daily, and you can't expect a lawyer who handles any case that comes in the door to be up to date. Don't trust your financial future to a dabbler—select a lawyer who really knows the law.

Other lawyers send me their hard cases

When other bankruptcy lawyers have cases they know are too complex for them, they send those cases to me. When they don't know the law, they ask me. It just makes sense to hire me rather than a middleman.

I'm totally on your side

I never represent commercial interests adverse to consumers. You won't find me pretending to advocate for your interests in the morning and representing one of your creditors in the afternoon.

No-one messes with my clients

Several of my clients have recovered five-figure damages from creditors who dared to bother them after I filed their bankruptcy cases. These are atypical results, but they demonstrate that I'm vigilant to make sure that my clients get the breathing room and fresh start they're entitled to under the law. Many bankruptcy lawyers, on the other hand, will do just three things: file your petition, accompany you to the trustee meeting, and cash your check.

I care

I wish no-one needed my services, because I wish no-one was overwhelmed by debt. I totally understand that you don't want to file for bankruptcy—you're reading about bankruptcy because you're not sure how you're going to make it. Make an appointment to talk to me. Maybe there's another way out. But if not, I'll take care of you.

We are a debt relief agency. We help people file for bankruptcy relief under the Bankruptcy Code.

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